Sam Delaney: From High School Hobby to Successful Career

What started as a high school hobby for Tauranga’s Sam Delaney has turned into a successful career. This month Sam finished his barbering apprenticeship and qualified as a professional barber. “I’ve enjoyed this whole journey, and the best part is it has just started,” he says.


Sam discovered his love for barbering when he began cutting his friends’ hair at Tauranga Boys College. From then, he knew he wanted to work in barbering when he finished school.


“I called HITO and they told me about Peros Hairtek and that they sometimes took on barbering apprentices. I made it my mission for them to hire me,” he says.


Sam handed his CV into this barbershop, then continued to call every week or two to make sure he came across as keen. Soon enough they offered him an apprenticeship and he hasn’t looked back since. Now that he’s qualified, Sam says his advice to other barbering apprentices is to get excited about learning.


“The more excited you are to learn, the better. You also need to accept that you might not catch-on or get the finish you want right away, but if you stay positive and use constructive criticism to better yourself, you’ll have no problem.”


When it comes to sitting your final assessment to become a fully qualified barber, Sam has this advice: “Practice until you’re comfortable doing everything that needs to be assessed. Have confidence and believe in yourself. Try to keep calm and have some fun with your clients to keep you relaxed. Choose models with good hair to make it easier for yourself.”


If you’re interested in doing a barbering apprenticeship like Sam then get in touch with us on (04) 499 1180.

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  1. Caitlin Telfer on May 3, 2016 at 2:18 am

    Awesome sam!!

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