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HITO is proud to launch the New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering Level 4.


Commercial Barbering gives you all the technical and workplace skills you need to be a commercially successful barber. This qualification is nationally and internationally recognised, and proves you’ve got what it takes to be a successful barber.
The skills you learn are:
  • beard and moustache shaping
  • clipper over comb
  • scissor over comb
  • razor over comb
  • wet shaving
  • blow drying
  • scissor cutting
  • razor cutting
  • clipper cutting
You also learn customer service and barbershop skills like greeting clients and restocking products. Barbering trainees and apprentices also complete some first-aid training.

Barbering Apprenticeships

You can only get qualified in Commercial Barbering through HITO and most of our trainees complete their qualifications while in an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are a practical and affordable way to get qualified and learn the right skills to be a successful barber. Apprentices work, train and get paid to train in a barbershop, and they get paid too. There’s no better way to learn than practicing real skills on real clients in a real barbershop.
An apprenticeship takes 30 months and costs only about $1600 – that’s less than $13 a week!
First year
Barbering apprentices start by learning customer service skills. Apprentices learn about barbering tools and techniques and how hair works. They also learn basic cutting and styling skills and start working on clients soon after they start.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Trichology
  • Apply initial barbering techniques
  • Select and maintain barbering tools and equipment
  • Display products in the salon environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of sustainability concepts for a salon
  • Provide first aid for life threatening conditions
  • Describe the fundamentals of wet shaving
  • Create appointments and maintain appointment systems and records in the salon environment
  • Apply knowledge of services and workflow in the salon environment
  • Select and recommend hair products
  • Demonstrate knowledge of personal health and hygiene, and self-styling, for working in a salon
  • Demonstrate knowledge of professional behaviour and legal requirements for a salon
  • Demonstrate safe and professional practice in the salon environment
Second year
Apprentices learn about wet shaving and beard and moustache shaping. They gain more advanced cutting and styling skills and learn more about the hair and scalp and how they work. They also gain more business and salon skills.
  • Describe the development of barbering
  • Blow dry hair using barbering techniques
  • Design and shape beards and moustaches
  • Complete a haircut using barbering techniques
  • Consult with client for barbering services and analyse hair and scalp conditions
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of money matters and personal responsibility in the salon environment
  • Apply knowledge of common hair and scalp conditions to complete a limited scope consultation
  • Apply knowledge of hair and scalp conditions to analyse and select corrective treatments for the hair and scalp
  • Wet shave facial hair using a cutthroat razor
  • Manage conversation and interactions to create and maintain an atmosphere suitable for a barber shop
  • Develop a health and safety plan for a commercial salon
The last six months
It’s all about preparing for the big final assessment. This assessment tests all the skills the apprentice learns throughout their training and makes sure they’re ready to work as a senior barber in a barbershop.
  • Perform barbering services and run a barber chair in a commercial salon

Already an experienced barber?

If you’ve got five years of recent barbering experience and want to get qualified, HITO can help with that. You don’t need to do a whole apprenticeship – you can apply to get qualified using Qualification by Experience of QbyE.
QbyE allows experienced barbers to gain their Commercial Barbering qualification based on their experience. After you apply, an assessor has a conversation with you about your skills. Based on that, you may have to do a few assessments or demonstrations, and then sit a final assessment. The process takes only about six months. The more experience you have, the quicker you can finish.
If you’ve already got the skills, why not get the qualification too? It’s straightforward, non threatening, can be in complete confidence, and HITO is there to help the whole way. If you’re up for training the next generation of apprentice barbers, then get your Commercial Barbering qualification this year.

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