Barber styles: Isaac Rodley, New City Barbers

Meet Isaac and learn how he created this photographic work

Name: Isaac Rodley
Workplace: New City Barbers
Model: Saul
Photographer: Sabin Holloway

Isaac’s Story

“My favourite part of being an apprentice is working in a real barbershop. I love the environment. I was lucky to get the job at New City Barbers.”
My main career goal is to keep training and get qualified as a barber. For this look I wanted to create a modern twist on an old-school haircut. The work was for the HITO Barbering Photo Challenge. I created a medium fade on the sides using clippers. To create the top of the look, I used a clipper over comb technique and then followed up with scissors to finish up the look. I used Reuzel Medium Grease Hold to style the hair.
Thanks to my boss Chris Terry for training me. Thanks also to my photographer Sabin and model Saul for the time they put in to help me create this work.
Isaac created his photographic work for the HITO Barbering Photo Challenge. After judging by an industry expert, Isaac was the winner. He won a two scissor kit from our sponsor A Sharper Blade.

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