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Joe Bennion of Flawless Barbershop shares his barbering advice and success

Joe started his career as a hairdresser in Tokoroa – a male-dominated town, with plenty of mill and forestry workers, so most of Joe’s clients were male. The more he worked on male clients, the more interested he became in male styling and grooming. He knew a switch to barbering was in order.

Joe’s Story

“Barbering has a fantastic history. Being able to call myself a barber and be part of such a historic trade is one of the best things about my career. Barbering is still developing and growing today, with new trends, equipment, and cuts. There’s always something new to discover.” says Joe. “I get to see my clients develop too. Being a part of my client’s lives and seeing them grow, some from boys to men, is why I like being a barber.”
Joe was a hairdressing apprentice in Tokoroa, but he made the decision to get qualified as a barber when he switched careers. A qualification helps him reassure his clients that they’re getting the best service. Being qualified also helps Joe build the barbering industry by taking on apprentices. “I want to spread the word on barbering – maybe turn it into a religion,” Joe jokes. “I want to franchise out my barbershop and help as many people as possible into a barbering career. I’ve got plans to travel the world and learn from everyone – from the most simple, traditional barbers to the world’s best. And that’s only the beginning of what I want to achieve.”
Joe currently promotes barbering in his local community. He offers a day or two of experience in his barbershop to any young people who are interested. While they’re there, he’ll share a bit of barbering history and some of his story. “Being in an actual barbershop and doing small hands-on jobs is good for young people who want to get into barbering. If they’re keen then I’d suggest getting into an apprenticeship.”
Joe volunteers in the community too. He offers barbering services at local rest homes, disability homes, and boarding schools. He also provides workshops for locals wanting an insight into barbering. “Offering these services helps me give back to my community. Especially for our senior citizens – so many people seem to forget about them.”
Barbering is a worthwhile career. You can take it anywhere, and the experiences you gain and people you meet are invaluable. “If you want to be a barber, you need to have common sense, to be open-minded and willing to learn, to have strong customer service skills and, above all, to have a passion for barbering.”

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