Battle of the Barbers


The Battle of the Barbers is the ultimate barbering Challenge. Fast paced and fun, Barbers go head-to-head in front of a live audience to prove their creativity and skill. Whether it’s creating a classic cut, trimming a beard or going all out on a creative pattern – the barbers’ skills are put to the test!

Battle Classes

Master Barber

A barber holding a qualification in Barbering and working in the barbering industry. Proof of qualification must be supplied.


A barber signed into a formal barbering training programme or apprenticeship with a NZQA recognised tertiary education organisation. Proof of programme or organisation must be supplied.


This section is open to all barbers with no formal qualifications but need to be working within the barbering industry.

Battle Categories

THE BEARD – 15 Minutes

Love them or hate them the beard defines the man that wears them.  Fashion dictates the size, shape, amount, and length of the modern beard and fashion at the moment says bring on the full beard!  The judges for this are looking for a clean balances beard that complements the model and fashion expectation.

THE SHAVE – 30 Minutes

A clean shave by a barber is something every man should experience.  This is the barbering trade at its best.   For this section you must complete a full shave using systematic stokes. You can choose if you use the single or double shave method but the judges will be checking for a smooth result over the entire beard area.

Visible stubble on full face required and will be checked prior to the start of this section.

THE CLASSIC – 25 Minutes

The classic cut represents the culture and craft of barbering.  It’s that ‘you can tell he has been to a good barber’ look.  In this section the judges want to see precision, well executed classic cuts.  Be it short back and sides, a businessman’s cut or a flat top competitors must show their skills in these cuts that have been refined over generations of barbers. Time to show your ability to perform fades, line-outs, blending.  Beards and moustaches can be included however need to complement the style.

THE PATTERN – 45 Minutes

How good are you at following a design? In this section you will be given a hair art design and have to recreate this on a model.  The judges are wanting to see you can recreate the design in proportion with the head, produce a cut precise replica of the design and clean up the remainder of the haircut to complement the style.The design will be given to contestants on the day of the Battle.

THE CREATIVE – 40 Minutes

Barbering is more than meeting the commercial needs of your customers, you have the skills and artistic ability to create much more.  In this category the judges want to see how far you can push your creative ability in barbering.  Using your own model show us what you have got.  Use combinations of hair art, fashion techniques, multi layers there are no limits.  You might like to include facial hair into your design.  Anything goes, the only stipulation is you completely restyle your model.

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